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I am extremely passionate about the benefits of complementary therapies. I am especially enthusiastic about helping people who suffer from stress/anxiety and supporting women in all areas of women’s health from Puberty-Pregnancy-Menopause and everything in between! I have first hand experiences in all these areas and I intend to combine my knowledge of holistic therapies, my nursing education and experiences and I aim to bring understanding and care to all my therapies to tailor the treatment for each client's individual needs.

What is Reflexology & how can it help?

Reflexology has so many benefits for your body, mind & spirit to promote general well-being. It is a gentle non-invasive complementary therapy where every organ in the body is reflected on the feet and hands. It involves applying pressure and massaging reflex points (it doesn't tickle!) using specific techniques to help aid the body in maintaining its natural balance and encouraging the natural healing process from within.

There are numerous benefits to a reflexology treatment including:

- Promotes better sleep habits.

- Helps eliminate toxins from your body

- Boosts your metabolism and energy level

- Improves Circulation & helps boost the immune system

- Releases tension and eases aches and pains

- Reflexology helps the body to relax so helps people with stress or anxiety or if you just need to relax

- Aids in hormonal imbalances supports people going through menopause and in times of painful/irregular periods/PMS

- Balances the entire body (mentally/physically/spiritually)

- Relieve headache/migraine/sinus issues

Maternity Reflexology

Did you know having regular Reflexology treatments by a qualified Maternity Reflexologist when your pregnant can provide the mother to be with valuable mental, emotional and physical support during pregnancy?

Maternity Reflexology is such a beautiful treatment to give and receive. It's a pleasant, relaxing therapy that can be used safely during pregnancy with a lot of benefits.

Reflexology is recommended every 4-6 weeks for the first 3 months then monthly and nearer the time women seem to come more frequently to help them manage stress levels and to prepare the body for labour.

Reflexology in Pregnancy can help with:

- Morning Sickness

- Heartburn & Indigestion

- Constipation & Haemorrhoids

- Back Pain & Sciatica

- Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

- Rebalance hormone Levels

- Promote Relaxation, Reducing Anxiety

- Promotes Better Sleep

- Prepare the body for labour

Baby/Children Reflexology

Reflexology has huge benefits to support babies & children including teenagers. Reflexology is all about balancing the body and relaxation, having this balancing effect on your baby/child will help them to relax and de-stress having a great effect on certain situations and conditions.

- Promotes bonding between parents & babies

- Reflexology is amazing for helping mothers & babies after a traumatic birth

- Promotes balance & harmony

- Calming, Soothing & Reassuring

- Help with restful sleep

- Can improve circulation & help boost/strengthen the immune system

- Improves muscle tone & joint mobility

- Aids in pain relief

- Relief from Colic, Reflux, constipation and other digestive ailments

- Calming for children with Autism, ADHD/ADD, sensory issues

- Relaxation helps with stress/anxiety

Additional benefits for older children

- Helps with hormonal problems in puberty

- Promotes self-confidence & self-esteem

- Improves concentration

- Helps to combat ailments such as headaches, respiratory issues, tummy aches, digestive ailments

Support for Women before, during & after Menopause

Reflexology can be a support to a woman going through their menopause journey, from peri-menopause to menopause to post menopause. It can aid in relaxation to help ease some of their menopausal symptoms.

Thankfully menopause is starting to become a topic that is freely spoken about thanks to some well-known forums speaking out about it, changing Menopause from a taboo subject of old to a natural topic to be spoken about.

Menopause is a natural process that every woman will go through in her life. Some are lucky and have no issues but many women have symptoms and some severe symptoms.

- Hot Flushes, Night Sweats/Cold Flushes

- Irregular Heart Beat/Palpitations

- Irritability/Mood Swings

- Insomnia

- Irregular Periods/ Change In Periods

- Loss Of Libido

- Vaginal Dryness

- Fatigue

- Anxiety/Depression

- Achy Joints & Muscles

- Poor Memory/Poor Concentration/Brain

- Fog

- Migraines

- Itchy Skin

- Hair Loss

- Bloating/Weight Gain

- Osteoporosis

- Teeth/Gum Issues

There are many supports out there for people at this time in life and Reflexology is one of them. I would also advise you to check in with your GP or nearest Menopause Specialist. The most important thing is to talk about it and how you are feeling and remember everyone's Menopause journey is unique and different so speak your truth x.

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